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Case study
SonarWorks ./. SourceWeb

We were accused by Sonarworks of pirating their SW logo and illegally using it for our own corporate identity.

Sonarworks submitted evidence showing that they had been using the logo since 2012.

In fact, however, the current SW logo had already been in use by the SourceWeb Group since 2009.

However, we were required to provide evidence of this fact.

As this is a trademark that is registered in various trademark offices, it was fortunately still possible to provide evidence and Sonarworks was subsequently forced to change its corporate identity.

However, in the case of works that cannot be entered in an official register, such as general graphics, videos, pieces of music, business documents, etc., reliable proof would hardly be possible in such a situation.

With our project, you can archive all digital data in an evidence-proof and permanent manner.

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