Protect your copyright

Simply upload your file and immediately receive a certificate with probative value.

How our system works

The procedure

Copyright arises automatically when a work reaches a so-called intellectual level of creation. The work can be a text, an image, a piece of music, a video, a computer program, a business idea expressed in words and images and many more.

The problem

Because copyright is not entered in a register, as is the case with trademarks and patents, it can be difficult or even impossible to prove authorship. In the worst case, a pirate of your work claims that you have stolen the work from him and sues you for damages and injunctive relief. Such lawsuits are often successful.

The solution

Simply upload your work with just a few clicks. The files are of course transferred and stored in a highly encrypted format.

You will then receive a certificate on which you are identified as the author with the time stamp of the upload. The certificate also contains checksums and the key to the uploaded file. This allows you to prove that you hold the copyright to the file at any time in case of doubt.

  • You are the author of a work
    e.g. documents, written business idea/concept, photographs, program code, music files, videos, ...
  • You upload the work
    This is done in just a few steps. The data is of course highly encrypted and securely transmitted and stored.
  • You pay a small fee
    Since we have to store your file securely for decades, this incurs server costs.
  • You enter further data on the author
    Optionally, you can specify to whom exactly the certificate should be issued.
  • You will receive a certificate with a verification link
    The certificate with verification link allows you to prove to anyone that you had the work at the time of upload.
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Who we are

The SourceWeb® Group

Originating as a software brand in 1996, SourceWeb® has since established itself as a group of companies in many areas.


SourceWeb Informatik AG offers IT services, individual programming and several software products.

Medical devices

SourceWeb Medical AG is a wholesaler of medical products and personal protective equipment.

Debt collection

SourceWeb Claims offers services relating to the extrajudicial and judicial collection of receivables.


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Certificates issued

Speicherung in der Blockchain


Die Prüfsumme und der Zeitstempel zu Ihrer Datei wird in einer Blockchain gespeichert. Damit ist diese unverfälschbar und dauerhaft gesichert.

Bei Fragen dazu können Sie uns gerne kontaktieren.

Case study
SonarWorks vs. SourceWeb

The development of this product goes back to a case in our own company.

In 2012, SonarWorks, a manufacturer of audio products, pirated the SourceWeb SW logo (which we developed back in 2009) and a few years later claimed that we stole it from them.

SonarWorks gave us 2 weeks to remove our SW logo from our company and implement a new corporate identity.

Since we were able to prove that it was the other way around, it backfired and SonarWorks had to implement a new corporate identity.

A product like CopyProof would have made it much easier for us to prove authorship.



Proof of priority for a file with a maximum file size of 50 Mb, with a storage period of 30 years and storage of the checksum in an unalterable blockchain.

up to 50 Mb
Checksum and timestamp in blockchain
30 years storage period

Questions or problems

We are here for you!

If you have any questions, such as how to integrate the software into your website or if you have any other problems, we will be happy to help you!

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